Thursday, 8 September 2011

Internet Explorer 8 crashes with jQuery 1.6.2

Can browser tabs crash? Sure they can. If you're using a buggy plugin or add-on, you can probably crash tabs in any browser. But crashing a tab when using only javascript is probably limited to the ones that have a Microsoft brand on them.
Since august, we've been having problems when our users were accessing Coconut on IE8 in a Citrix environment (and in rare cases also outside a Citrix environment). Which is hard to solve: first of all, I did not have a Citrix account. After the IT department fixed that problem, I was able to reproduce the bug, but had no way to analyze it. In Citrix I couldn't access log files, change IE settings or even view the advanced properties tab. My Google results told me I should try disabling all add-ons, but I wasn't allowed to do this either, even though the IT guys made me local admin on Citrix. It seems that Citrix has all kinds of seperate rules which are enforced on all users, and you have to make specific exceptions to the rules. Just telling Citrix: "hey, this is an admin" is not enough.
Fortunately, my colleague discovered that the error message was the same for each user and he found a stackoverflow topic which had a reference to this error message

If you encounter this error: (this the Dutch version of course)
Or this error:
then you should upgrade your jQuery javascript, version 1.6.4 works fine.


  1. Can't see the screenshots properly in Chrome 14.0.835.159 beta-m. They do in IE9 :-P

  2. Thanx for the heads up. Should be fixed now.